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We are pleased to announce that the National Safety Council has acquired ORC HSE Strategies, LLC, in order to offer employers additional world class safety resources including thought leadership and consulting, and to add value to both organizations’ membership at a moment when workplace safety is as critical as ever. The two organizations will serve employers at the national and global levels to help them achieve safety excellence, prevent injuries and save lives.

NSC and ORC HSE Strategies have long been regarded as leaders in delivering life-saving workplace safety services to employers. With ORC HSE joining NSC, ORC HSE will immediately expand its reach and ability to provide dynamic on-the-ground workplace safety consulting services to employers and safety leaders. The acquisition will allow both organizations’ membership additional opportunities for benchmarking, networking, training and thought leadership.

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COVID-19 Resources & Information:

ORC HSE would like to thank all the dedicated workers still on the job, especially the hospital, medical, and emergency personnel for your care and commitment. We are humbled by the sacrifices you’ve made –and continue to make– for our safety & health.

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In-Depth and Specialized Assistance.

ORC HSE’s fee based consulting services provide in-depth, specialized assistance to members and non-members alike. Our services have proven to be highly valuable. To secure your piece of mind, ask a Partner for a reference. Explore the many services that the ORC HSE Consulting Service provides.