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“ORC HSE fits my needs. Your speakers routinely humble and energize me with their achievements and commitment to innovation. Participating colleagues are experts in their own right. They have a diversity of experience that provides much needed perspective on issues of importance to my colleagues and me. Most importantly, I am routinely challenged on my programs and opinions. It’s a wonderful formula.”

– Robert S. Goldsmith, M.D., Novartis


Corporate Health Directors Network

Unparalleled Cross-Industry Benchmarking Opportunity For Multinational Corporate Health Directors

The Corporate Health Directors Network serves corporate leaders with primary responsibility for occupational health program management, drawing members from the most innovative multinational Fortune 500 companies. The Corporate Health Directors Network offers networking opportunities in a confidential environment, allowing members to develop ongoing supportive relationships and providing opportunities for benchmarking with peers from a variety of industries. Meetings are held twice a year, in February and August; members stay in touch year-round via website postings, teleconferences, webinars, and emails. The professional relationships built through this network help members to identify best practices in all aspects of corporate occupational health programs. In addition to surveys regularly conducted by ORC HSE on topics such as OSH program management in global companies, members may request confidential surveys on current topics that require rapid turnaround.


The Corporate Health Directors Network provides outstanding networking opportunities in a confidential environment. The professional relationships forged at member meetings provide the basis for ongoing support and benchmarking opportunities – assisting members in identifying best practices in all aspects of corporate occupational health programs.

Unparalleled Benchmarking:

The Corporate Health Directors Network meetings provide unparalleled opportunities for benchmarking with peers in a multi-industry setting. In addition, members may request surveys on current topics that require rapid turnaround. Survey participants may include members in the Corporate Health Directors Networks or members of other ORC HSE networks as well. All information is collected and handled with sensitivity to the need for confidentiality.

Current Members of This Network Include:

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Corporate Health Directors Network Membership Benefits:

Are you ready to take a more active role in benchmarking with your peers and identifying best practices for corporate occupational health programs?
If you enjoy being on the cutting edge of innovative strategies for improving program management and performance, consider joining ORC HSE’s Corporate Health Directors Network.
Among the many benefits of membership are:

Twice yearly meetings with peers from other multinational companies;

Networking and benchmarking opportunities;

Regular updates on key issues through email notices and postings to the members-only website;

Access to online discussion forums where members can post requests for information on experiences with specific programs and policies and emerging issues of concern;

Consultation on regulatory and policy issues with our experienced consulting staff; and

Confidential surveys on current topics as requested.

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In addition, ORC HSE conducts regular surveys on topics such as:

Annual member company global safety and health performance

Occupational safety and health program management in global companies

Safety and Health Perception Surveys

Safety and Health Organizational Structure

Recent Meeting Topics:

Emerging Infectious Diseases; A Current Global Perspective

Winning Examples of An Integrated and Sustainable Healthy Workplace Strategy

On Purpose: A Next Generation of Health And Wellness

Hearing Loss Prevention: Regulations and Trends Around the Globe

All EAP Is Local: Global Deployment of Work-Based Psychological Health Services

Medical Marijuana in the Workplace

Impact of Workplace Wellness: State of the Evidence

The Business Value of Absence Management

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