Webinar: Traps in Operational Decision Making: How Cognitive Biases Put Our Decision Making at Risk

Traps in Operational Decision Making

How Cognitive Biases Put Our Decision Making at Risk

ORC HSE Webinar Series:

Join us Thursday, Oct. 25, 2018, 10:00 – 11:30 am Eastern Time

Presented by: Kurt Krueger, Senior Consultant, ORC HSE

Audience: EHS and Operational Leaders at all organization levels

Cost: Free to all employees of ORCHSE Strategies Members. $99/participant for the public

Background: Our brains are powerful information processing systems, but they are not an unlimited resource.  Our brains evolved to look for efficiency.  This efficiency often happens without us even realizing it.  Certain biases in how our brain handles information and helps us get to decisions quickly may also place the quality and effectiveness of our decisions at risk, especially if we are not aware of these cognitive biases and take steps to manage how they affect us and our working teams.

Description:  This webinar will discuss the most prevalent cognitive biases affecting how we process information and make decisions in the workplace, explain how they work, and review steps that can be taken to protect ourselves and our organizations from them.