ORC HSE Member Testimonials

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“In today’s professional world, there are so many vocational memberships and associations that are being offered to our EHS community. Clearly, as we balance our careers each day, it becomes a matter of how much time we can spend on external development and benchmarking, in addition to choosing the most effective and rewarding opportunities. For Siemens Healthineers Laboratory Diagnostics and for our EHS staff, ORC HSE has been the clear choice for value, continuous learning and advanced benchmarking. The various networks are invaluable, and the professional interaction and personal friendships have been beyond rewarding. I have learned so much from my fellow EBIF colleagues and the trusting and open atmosphere of our meetings is like no other.”

– Paul D. Moss, CIH ROH, Vice President Global EHS, Travel and Security, Siemens Healthineers LD

“ORC HSE fits my needs. Your speakers routinely humble and energize me with their achievements and commitment to innovation. Participating colleagues are experts in their own right. They have a diversity of experience that provides much needed perspective on issues of importance to my colleagues and me. Most importantly, I am routinely challenged on my programs and opinions. It’s a wonderful formula.”

– Robert S. Goldsmith, M.D., Novartis

“The ORC HSE EU Forum provides a centre of excellence whereby SHE (HS&E) leaders are kept abreast of up and coming legislative changes as well as areas of particular interest that the regulators will be focussing their attention. What is of particular interest is that often the guest speakers are regulators from the agencies implementing that change. Another highlight of the forum is the diversity of the member businesses and the openness of the discussions within the group. The forum is very cognizant that there are elements of confidentiality around specific discussion points and that confidentiality is respected by all.”

– George Gibson,
Head of SHE, Weapon Systems UK, BAE Systems

ORC HSE Asia Pacific Forum is an important platform for GE to interact with others companies, communities and governments in different countries. It also serves as a learning academy for many of our EHS professionals to grow and develop knowledge and stay on the top of important trend and challenges as the forum helps members stay ahead of curve.

– ZhiGang Qin
North Asia EHS Director, General Electric

ORC HSE is a dynamic and professional organization that is an inspirational group of experts within the HSE field, and I am happy to have been an active member of the Asia Pacific Forum for approximately 6 years. I commend them on their continued growth and their service to the global HSE community. I would recommend ORC HSE to any organization on or EHS professional looking to enhance their knowledge within the industry and achieve superior and sustainable HSE performance.

– Steve Lacey
AMEA/ANZ Regional EHS Manager, DXC Technology

ORC HSE has enabled the building of bridges between multinationals as well as local companies in the industry, with government entities and legislation, NGO’s, industry experts and academia to work together as a team towards a better sustainable future in the space of environment, health and safety. Cargill is happy to be part of the team and participate in the ORC HSE forums.

– Eddie Wong
Corporate EHS Manager, Asia Pacific, Cargill

I have learned something important and been challenged by every meeting and every engagement I have ever had with your group. The place is a magic combination of new ideas and incredible expertise, all wrapped up in a warm blanket of trust.

– Nancy Orr
Former Director, Global EH&S, Becton, Dickinson and Company

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