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M & A Support


1/4 fatal work injuries in 2015:

In 2015, Roadway incidents alone accounted for about ONE out of every FOUR fatal work injuries.

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2016.

ORC HSE Consulting Services: M & A Support

Due Diligence, Integration Planning, & More

E very year within the ORCHSE Network membership base, we witness the impact of member companies merging, acquiring new business interests, or spinning off non-core business assets. Senior HSE professionals may be members of corporate due diligence teams, or they may not involved in acquisition planning until the 11th hour. But there are always key decisions to be made about the: (1) size of the HSE organization; (2) roles and responsibilities of HSE professionals at all levels in the new organization; and (3) immediate and long range priorities to achieve full integration and the expected economies for stakeholders.

M & A Support Capabilities:

Our consultants have considerable experience in M&A support including:

Organizational design and development

Leading Due Diligence teams in a confidential and discreet manner

HSE Market Research on competitors of the new organization

Development of new organization Roles and Responsibilities

Integration planning, and execution

Coaching that considers culture and the human element — to minimize the impact of integrations, and to achieve positive outcomes