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Fatality & Serious Injury Prevention


20% of all fatal work injuries:

1 out of every 5, or 20% of all fatal work injuries in 2015 were on construction sites; over half of which were sub-contracted employees. In 2015, the private construction industry had the highest number of fatal injuries involving contracted workers.

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2016.

ORC Consulting Services: Fatality & Serious Injury Prevention

Getting Serious about Fatality Prevention

O ne of the worst things that can happen within a business is to have an employee fatally injured on the job. Yet, workplace fatalities within the U. S. have remained relatively consistent over the past few years, despite the best efforts of excellent companies with a reputation for safety excellence. We have a variety of Fatality and Serious Injury (FSI) services including:

Comprehensive post-incident investigations

FSI vulnerability assessments

FSI prevention training and workshops for HSE and operational leaders

Preventive program design and implementation

Crisis Response support