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Getting Serious About Preventing Fatalities & Injuries: Part II: Causes of FSIs

It is important to realize that the causes of FSIs often differ from those causing less serious injuries. As author Dan Petersen observed in 1989, “Different sets of circumstances surround their severity.” Dan found that, unlike less serious incidents, FSIs tend to occur…

Getting Serious About Preventing Fatalities & Injuries: Part I: A Renaissance in Safety & Health Thinking

A renaissance in safety and health thinking is taking place as rates for fatal and serious injuries and illnesses continue unabated. This movement is re-examining of some of the concepts that underpin the safety and health profession. How senior leaders set the tone and expectations for their organizations is seen as critical.

ORC HSE Viewpoint: Here We Are Again

A June 5 New York Times article illustrated the Trump Administration’s attitude toward occupational health and safety regulation.