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Sidney Dekker’s Presentation: a few Highlights

We were fortunate to hear Sidney Dekker speak at our Asia Pacific Forum meeting in Sydney, Australia on March 14. He focused on rules and regulations and their relationship to injury experience. I had heard references to this work in presentations by other speakers, but hearing from Sidney helped me to understand what he was really getting at.

The Radium Girls — What Has Really Changed?

Every industrial hygienist (IH) knows this story. In the early 1920s, young women working at several U.S. Radium Corp. (USRC) plants across the U.S. and Canada painting glow-in-the-dark radium clock dials were becoming sick, some with grisly symptoms such as disintegrating jaws, horrible pain in their bones, and death from hemorrhages. Many developed massive sarcomas that riddled their bodies.

ORC HSE Viewpoint: Here We Are Again

A June 5 New York Times article illustrated the Trump Administration’s attitude toward occupational health and safety regulation.