Scott A. Madar, CIH

Office: 202-888-7100
Direct: 202-510-0512

ABOUT Scott A. Madar, CIH:

An ORC HSE Founding Partner:

As one of the founding partners with ownership of ORC HSE, Mr. Madar is actively involved in many of the ORC HSE Networks and critical business functions. He currently leads the Corporate Health Directors Network, and co-leads the Western Occupational Safety and Health Network, the European Union Health, Safety and Environment Forum, and the Executive Business Issues Forum. In addition, he manages many of the business’s functions including the Annual Injury and Illness Data Collection, member-requested surveys, and all of the IT functions. He supports ORC HSE members by providing expert advice on their HSE issues, conducting surveys on topics of member concern, developing comments on policy and regulatory issues, speaking, and visiting to member sites upon request.

Professional Experience:

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Mr. Madar has a diverse professional history having worked as an OSHA compliance officer in North Carolina and spending over 10 1/2 years working with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT). While serving as the Assistant Director of the Safety and Health Department of the IBT, Mr. Madar had the opportunity to testify before three congressional subcommittees and the National Transportation Safety Board on a variety of transportation safety issues.

He has also served as the chair of the Occupational Safety and Health Subcommittee of the Labor Research Advisory Committee for the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Additionally, he has served on the Commercial Truck and Bus Safety Synthesis Program of the Transportation Research Board for two terms, and served on the Transportation, Warehouse and Utilities Sector Council of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) National Occupational Research Agenda (NORA) for a number of years.

Currently, Mr. Madar serves on the ISO 45001 US TAG, the ANSI Z-10 committee and the ANSI Z-15 committee.

Education & Certification:

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Mr. Madar holds a Master of Health Sciences in Industrial Hygiene and Safety Sciences from The Johns Hopkins University, and a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the College of William and Mary.

He regularly serves as a small group instructor at the George Washington University School of Public Health.

Mr. Madar is certified in comprehensive practice of Industrial Hygiene.

Areas of Focus:

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Industrial Hygiene

Transportation Safety