Linda Haney

Office: 202-888-7100
Direct: 202-510-0509

ABOUT Linda Haney:

An ORC HSE Founding Partner:

A s one of the four founding Partners with ownership of ORC HSE, Ms. Haney is focused on the ORCHSE Networks and has led many of the company’s essential business functions. She manages strategic and tactical matters with respect to contract negotiations, budget management, purchasing and payroll for the organization. She also plans and organizes 40+ ORC HSE events assuring that the member experience is informative and valuable. Together with her Partners, Ms. Haney develops marketing strategies designed to match member requirements and promotes ORC HSE products and ideas. In keeping with the core values of the business, she aims to become a trusted partner of her members.

Professional Experience:

ORC HSE: Member Profile

Ms. Haney has 25+ years of experience in negotiating and managing large contracts, and planning meetings and events.She also has 15+ years of experience as Director of Marketing Sales and Customer Service. She has developed websites, marketing plans and materials. She has also owned her own successful design business.


ORC HSE: Member Profile

She has studied at Smith Massey Business College, Mary Washington University and le Cordon Bleu.