Jim Frederick

Direct: 724-462-5364

ABOUT Jim Frederick:

An ORC HSE Affiliated Consultant:

Jim joined ORC HSE strategies in September 2019, as a part-time consultant. He supports the organization’s marketing and membership services systems. He also serves member organizations by providing expert advice and assistance with regulatory and legislative matters, assessment and integration of health & safety management systems, assisting with engagement of meaningful worker participation, and working directly with member organizations.

Professional Experience:

ORC HSE: Member Profile

In his prior positions, Mr. Frederick provided technical guidance to the United Steelworkers (USW) and other unions on various matters pertaining to occupational health, safety, and the environment. Mr. Frederick continually reached beyond the USW membership and worked closely with the USW’s management counterparts and organizations around the world on a wide range of projects to improve workplace health and safety.

He has been a member of a number of groups including, the NIOSH Board of Scientific Counselors, the ANSI Z10 standard committee (including the edit committee for the 2019 version of the standard), the US committee (ISO Project Committee (PC) 283, formerly the U.S. Technical Advisory Group (TAG) 283) that contributed to the ISO 45001 standard development, the NIEHS Worker Training Program National Clearinghouse Advisory Committee, and the OSHA Metal Working Fluids Standard Advisory Committee.


ORC HSE: Member Profile

Jim earned a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health from Purdue University and a Master of Science in Environmental Health and Safety Management from Rochester Institute of Technology.