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34% increase from 2014-2015:

From 2014-2015 there was a 34% increase in fatal work injuries due to exposure to harmful substances or environments.

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2016.

ORC HSE Consulting Services:
Contractor Safety Support

Owner & Contractor Safety: Getting everyone on the same page.

C ontracting is big, and continues to get bigger as a means of managing project risk, to expand existing capabilities, or to take advantage of unique expertise. Accidents at project sites can result in fatalities or serious injuries, and significant operational disruptions that can damage the owner’s reputation or seriously impact schedules. While most large corporations have contractor screening and pre-qualification programs in place, we frequently find there are significant challenges in influencing safety performance throughout the contractor management life cycle. We understand owner, project manager and contractor dynamics — and the numerous opportunities that exist to develop relationships that put safety and operational excellence first.

Contractor Safety Support Service Offerings:

Our services include:

Contractor Management Life Cycle training

Review of Corporate management programs

Assessment of contractual terms and conditions, with a focus on safety and environmental expectations

Contractor HSE field assessments

Post incident investigations and recommendations to improve safety performance